The most wonderful time of the year


I’m not sure what it’s like outside of the United States, but here, many places, both residential and commercial, have been decorating and getting in the festive spirit since Thanksgiving. Some places before Thanksgiving (that’s just not right, people! Seriously!). This week is the week where anywhere you go, you’ll see holly, you’ll see lights, you’ll hear carols, and so on.

Even though it can get overwhelming to be surrounded by holiday cheer that is not part of a holiday that I celebrate anymore, I do like how people tend to be more, well, jolly this time of year. I like the general happiness that people have, anticipating vacation time, or time with family, or whatever traditions they might have. People being in a good mood is good. But this year my kids started to get much more into noticing and appreciating all the trappings of the season, and I had a much stronger reaction to it than I anticipated.

Today over on Kveller, I share my complex emotions about this time of year, both for myself and for my children, and what I hope to do about all the feelings. Let me know what you think about it!