Looking Back

Okay, so I’m cutting it a little close to the wire here, but I thought I would take a minute to got through the year and see which of my posts were the most popular, what I wrote about, etc. etc.

I feel fortunate to have not one, but two opportunities to reflect on the year. By Rosh Hashanah, obviously, that’s the big time for introspection, but as my Facebook and BlogLovin feed fill up with reflective posts at the end of the secular year, I can’t help but get a little thoughtful during this bonus time of reflection.

Here goes – the most 10 most popular posts of 2015, in reverse order of popularity (it’s a countdown!! Fun!)

10. My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

An awkward moment that turned into something hopeful. And one of my favorite post titles.

9. I Don’t Like My Eyebrows (And Other Insecurities)

We all have something about ourself that we don’t love.

8. Selling a Home, Keeping My Sanity

Remember when we lived in Baltimore? Our house did eventually sell, by the way.

7. Why I Changed My Mind About Using Social Media to Support Israel

Knowing when and when not to comment on world affairs, on news stories, on tragedies, is very difficult. I find it hard to know when to comment and when not comment, and which is worse or better or what. This post came about through the bubbling up of my confusion on this topic. I’m glad I revisited it; I needed the encouragement again.

6. How Does Judaism Affect My Marriage? New Orthodox Women Talk!

So this one isn’t by me, but answers from the roundtable Jewish discussion posts we had going (we should start that back up!). I love this one.

5. That Time I Thought I Could Be a Fashionista

This one still cracks me up.

4. Ten Years of Being a Jew

Fitting to have a post reflecting back on the past ten years in this post about reflecting on the past year. Is that meta or something?

3. Why I Love Restrictions

I got a lot of good feedback on this one, both online and in real life.

2. Why Orthodoxy?

This question was posed by one of my favorite readers and commenters and friends (a lot of my online friends have come about that way. Yay blogging!!), who asked why I converted, and why I chose Orthodoxy. Putting the experience into words was an enjoyable, challenging task.

1. Sheitel or Tichel – Is there even a Question?

I wrote this post at the height of my love for all things tichels, and apparently, the answer to the question is “yes.” Amusingly, I have lately been wearing sheitels almost all the time, which I’ve been meaning to write about. I think the takeaway point here is that I can be completely, utterly passionate about something and six months later have a completely different view. So maybe don’t take anything I say too seriously….?

That’s it! See you next year!

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