FYI Magazine and A Hevria Article

What a month! At the end of February I got to perform in the In Harmony concert – that’s the women’s band that I was in last time we lived in Cleveland, and the same band that I drove six hours to perform with a couple years ago.

They had another concert, and I was able to play in a bunch of songs. They also had a talent showcase where members of the community performed, which was so so great to watch. I loved seeing who else in Cleveland could sing or play or write music!

So it was a lot of rehearsing.

I looked forward to when the concert would be finished because then I’d had time again, but, hahaha, I forgot how life fills in the free space so quickly. So I haven’t really had down time.

Man Plans, G-d Laughs

For instance, I wrote another piece for Hevria, which I’m really excited about. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time, but when I was writing it, I surprised myself with the ending. It didn’t turn out exactly how I had always imagined it. That’s how it is sometimes – the way you imagine something going is not always how it turns out.

They’re trying me out as a writer, so I would greatly appreciate any love and support you could show me. If you feel at all moved to share the piece on social media, that would be so helpful. Or leave a comment. Or both. But really, whatever you’re comfortable with. Here it is.

For a Jewish Lifestyle In The Know

A while back, I was contacted to review FYI Magazine, a relatively new Jewish lifestyle magazine (it just celebrated its year anniversary – Mazel Tov!).

I received the January and the February issues, and I really enjoyed it. Aesthetically, it looks really good. The layout is clean, not too busy, and the graphics and photography are really well done.


It reminds me of Real Simple, both in content and in look, but it’s for frum women, and it was really nice to be able to take this magazine with me to rehearsal at a community play and not have to feel self-conscious if girls saw what I was reading. Everything in it is totally kosher, which is so refreshing. And there’s a ton of content, all of it great and interesting and useful.

There are articles on ways to make running a house go more smoothly, on being middle-aged an re-entering the workforce, medical hacks for mothers, tips on getting better sleep, interviews with people like Allison Josephs, recipes, advice on how to care for your sheitel, and that’s just some of the things in just two issues.

The contents of the magazine are:

Your Voice – Readers answer a question that’s posed. The question for February was “What is the most surprising question you’ve been asked.” The question for March was “If you had to name your single worst fear, what would it be?”

What’s In My…? Writers ask a successful women what’s in some area of her house. For instance, Chaia Frishman asked Sukey Gross, the author, what’s on her bookshelf. Naomi Nachman, the personal chef, was asked what’s in her pantry.

Beauty Guide: Tips on Makeup, Fashion, Home Decor ideas, DIY things.

Fall in Love with Life: This is all things health, both physical, nutritional, mental and emotional. This is also where the interview with Allison Josephs was found.

You Gotta Know: This seems like a place where information about good deals and bargains are, and just general good-to-know kind of information, like testing out kosher gluten-free products, or figuring out when suing is a good choice and when it’s not.

Get a Handle On It: Here I found parenting tips, homemaking advice, articles on the benefits of playing games, what not to tell your boss, how to travel light during the winter, tips on positive ways to start your day.

Your Business: This is, not shocking, a work-related section, with advice and profiles and good business content.

Sharpen Your Appetite: Recipes! Yum!

Featured: These are the longer, more in-depth articles. Some of the features from these two months were on Celiac, on how to be more refreshed, on the benefits of giving, and tips and tricks from a professional organizer.

Even though I live “out of town,” I felt that this magazine was totally relevant to my life as a Jewish woman, and I really look forward to seeing what else Yitty Denciger and the talented staff at FYI Magazine come up with in the future in this modern, with-it publication!