A Playlist for Melancholy Moods

It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s supposed to be Spring and it feels like Winter. Time for something to pick me up and make me feel better. Over at Hevria, I have a post up where I share with you all a playlist of songs that I listen to when I’m feeling melancholy, when it feels like winter inside even though the sun may be shining (see what I did there?).

Have you noticed that I’ve been writing more for them? I have been! I was on a trial month, and will be finding out if I get to write there regularly or not. Feel free to check out the site, follow their Facebook page, etc. etc. in the interim. There’s such good content there, I am so stoked to have been writing there, and hope to get to write more.

Other exciting stuff has been happening, too!! Back in the fall, I was accepted as a Fellow in the Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab. It has been an experience unlike any other. Twelve of us, all artists, all Jewish, but different in so many ways – in what kind of art we do, in how we connect to our Jewishness, in our stages in life – we got together regularly, learned Torah and made art based on what we were learning.

Monday was the pre-Exhibition, and we presented the work we’ve done so far. I’m doing a song/video (I’ll share it with you guys when it’s finished, and probably when the show is over, I still need to figure out that bit). It involves a chickpea, some food, googly eyes, and fun, jazzy song. And my kids.

The show opens May 9th. I still have some work to do on the video and the audio, which I will hopefully be able to do while I’m also making Pesach (insert hysterical laughter here). Wish me luck! And here’s a flyer for the exhibition. It’s going to be amazing, there’s really great work being done by the other Fellows.

Homeland & Promised Land Flyer jpg

And don’t forget to go checkout my piece on Hevria. The playlist is mainly secular songs, but even if you don’t like to secular music, I’d love to hear what songs are on your playlist for perking you up.



2 thoughts on “A Playlist for Melancholy Moods

  1. Interesting playlist, also surprising! I didn’t know “Karma police” before (and I also like the idea.)

    in melancholy moods, I either like really sad songs like “Hurt” (I just love his voice and all the hopelessness *cry*) or this one by RHCP, one of my favourite bands anyway

    Or I listen to music that conveys clarity and a really good structure. This (or all of them).

  2. This is such a great idea to have a playlist like this! And I love your choices. I’m so making one for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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