Freedom From Secrets

Hey all y’all. It is that time of year. Zman cheiroseinu. The time of our freedom.

This is one of my favorite parts of Pesach, that amid all the cleaning and planning and stress, there is the possibility of freeing yourself from things that are holding you back. This is the time of year to break that bad habit. To let go of that grudge. To stop the negative self-talk.

In the spirit of this freedom, I am letting go of something which I have held onto for over ten years. It’s something that has caused me a lot of anxiety, something which I have only recently gotten comfortable sharing with people I trust. And, now, with everyone on the internet.

I’m writing about it over on Hevria, and I hope you’ll go over and read about it. Let the feeling of freedom wash over you, and let me know what you want to free yourself from this year!  Or don’t tell me, whatever, it’s cool if it’s personal.