Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Five Reasons I Love Being Jewish

Lots of exciting stuff going on! I said “yes” to a few things recently and now, as Shavuos approaches, I am wondering just how I’m going to accomplish everything. Ha! If anyone’s up for late night conversations, I will probably be up.

First, I’m so excited to finally share with you the video I made for the Cleveland Arts and Culture Lab! Here it is! (my apologies to those who keep second half of sefirah).

Next, my daughter turned four and the festivities have begun! I posted a picture of her opening a present on my Instagram account, and we are making a family-wide party on Sunday and then her school celebration is coming up the following week. That’s the life, right?

I’m really excited to have some out-of-town guests stay with us over Shabbos – shout out to Chana Sara, who I am so excited to finally meet in real life! Yes!

And finally (I think), I am officially a writer for Hevria! Today I have a post up where I share five of my favorite things about being Jewish.

I feel so much emotion right now thinking about it. This morning I played piano for a kindergarten class’s siddur play (where they sing really sweet songs and then are presented with their first siddur). Rabbi Dessler, the educational director of the school, spoke about how the rabbeim who fled Europe and founded the Telshe Yeshivah here in Cleveland, and the Hebrew Academy, couldn’t have imagined that over seventy years later, the school would be thriving and a new generation of children would be learning about the beauty of our traditions.

Yeah, I’m totally going to cry now.

Anyways, go read the post, enjoy the video, and have an amazing Shavuos! I probably won’t be posting again until after then because, like I said, it’s so crazy busy! BH! With good things!


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