Summer Road Trip and a Miracle at Home!

A couple weeks ago we went on an epic road trip. To be fair, most of our road trips could qualify as epic because they are usually more than ten hours and there are little kids involved and a whole lot of planning.

But this one was a little more epic than usual. First off, we were going up to meet up with my older brother and his family. It’s an incredible story, one maybe I’ll share with you another time, but the short version is that I got to meet a whole bunch of people I’m related to for the first time, and everyone was so nice and really great and we had the BEST TIME.

My parents also came up and so we all hung out.

We stayed in a hotel near the Mall of America, and spent a lot of time enjoying some of the things the mall has to offer. Which are a lot. A lot of things. So many things.


We did the indoor amusement park, and I got to see which of my children were daredevils and which ones were more cautious. We did the Flyover America, which was very cool, but not for my younger children, who freaked out. Haha, sorry kids. We did the Crayola Experience, which was SO COOL.

And when we were out at my brother’s, the kids rode four wheelers (all the kids, including the littlest one!) and so did I, and so did my husband, and, other uncles, be aware that Uncle Paul brought his A-game when it comes to uncle-ing. So much fun! And such good company.

After the jam-packed exhausting but exhilarating week, we drove to St. Louis Park for Shabbos, where we stayed with the Fredmans who excel at hospitality. It was a wonderful, wonderful Shabbos and, excitingly, I finally got to meet Nina Badzin! In person!!

We had discussed beforehand how, since we were meeting up at a Shabbos meal, how would we get a picture together. Because, as you all know, if something isn’t on Facebook, it didn’t happen.

Alas, I ended up lighting candles earlyish, after my husband went to shul and before I tried, a little bit in vain, to get my kids to go to sleep before the meal so I could actually, you know, have a chance of enjoying the meal like an unencumbered adult.

So no picture was taken! Frustrating! Clearly, I will just have to return to St. Louis Park so we can right this wrong. Haha.

We were more than ready to return home, and the car ride home took as long as you might expect a two-day car ride with small, tired, off-schedule children to take. Finally, we returned home. Hooray!

But there was a smell, a weird smell in the house. We walked all around, sniffing as we went, but couldn’t figure out where that funky smell was coming from. Until my husband went into the basement and discovered that somehow our Pesach stove had TURNED ITSELF ON while we were out!!!!!!

What?!?!?! Yes!!!!!!


There was a power outage on Saturday night which must have triggered something in the electrical panel (like I have any idea what I’m talking about here, hahaha), and so the oven turned itself on, like a crazed possessed appliance, and all the stuff next to the stove (those green rubbermaid containers there) and all the stuff on the stove (like all my recipes and my Haggadah!!!!!) were all melted or burned.

We got home late Monday, around dinnertime, so I guess the oven was only on for a day and a half or whatever. Basically, it’s a miracle our house didn’t burn down. It was still overwhelming and our laundry (that’s where the Pesach kitchen is) still smells hideous, and I have a lot of things to do before it’s back in shape and that’s a headache I don’t need BUT at least my house didn’t burn down. Right? Yes.

That’s the abbreviated story of our trip! And today I have an article up on Hevria about my complicated relationship with wanting to fit in. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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