How is Summer Almost Over Already?

Is anyone else traumatized by the burgeoning Back-To-School section in Target? My kids’ school doesn’t begin until September 1st (I think), so the mere existence of those markers and backpacks and glue sticks is a real summer buzzkill for me.

I guess I could look at it positively and be grateful that we have a little more summer left, that there’s still the whole month of August where we can still go to a park after dinner, where my kids can sleep in (when they deign to, obviously), where we have less pressure and more leisure.

It’s been a good summer. The time has really passed very quickly, and the days have been jam-packed, which is likely contributing to the quick passage of time. Though, perhaps, it’s also because of aging. My husband and I were reflecting the other day on how much more quickly time seems to pass. How are we already in our mid-thirties? That’s weird. I anticipate that it will only get weirder. Hahaha.

Often, when my schedule is busy, I am able to crank out more pieces. That has been the case recently. I had a piece up on Kveller last week about how I motivate my kids to observe some of the less glamorous aspects of Judaism. And today I have my bi-monthly piece up on Hevria where musings about my backyard garden turn inward.

Enjoy the pieces and enjoy the summer!


2 thoughts on “How is Summer Almost Over Already?

  1. It does get weirder. At some point, weird becomes the new normal, and it’s not a problem any longer. Almost. Sometimes.

  2. Much nicer! Mazal tov on the new layout!
    Just one thing, can you set a limit on the number of posts per page, so that it doesn’t add posts every time I scroll down?

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