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Need To Recharge? Go To The Redemption Retreat!

When Rivka Malka Perlman asked if I would help spread the word about the upcoming Redemption Retreat, I was all for it. I didn’t know that much about the retreat, but on the surface it seemed like a very nice thing.

Well, just watching this five-minute video by Rivka Malka as she gives some background to how the Redemption Retreat came into being was enough to make me feel refreshed and recharged. My entire mood was lifted. Imagine how invigorating the actual retreat could be!!

Get clarity on who are you, work through your self-limiting beliefs, give yourself a new lease on life. Have breakthroughs. Rid yourself of resentments. Love yourself, really and truly.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

What’s even more amazing is that the upcoming Redemption Retreat, September 11-13 in Chicago/Wisconsin, is being subsidized so that instead of paying the regular cost of $550, you can go for just $300!!! That’s three days, two nights, all expenses paid in the beautiful Perlstein Resort (which means you are surrounded by gorgeous nature) for almost half the original cost!

The retreat is open to all women of all stages. Religious, not religious. Put together, frazzled. Mother of littles, empty nester. Wherever you are in your life, this retreat is an opportunity to connect more deeply to yourself, to your life mission, to refresh and recharge. Because we all need to recharge, am I right? Life is brutal and grinding sometimes! A lot of the time!

Even better than simply working on these things yourself, or with a study partner, at the retreat you can literally be surrounded by women who are also striving to improve, to become more vitalized. The power of group growth is some of the best motivation I’ve experienced in my life, and bonds forged at events like these can be the kind that last for decades.

I really wish I could go, but I just got back from a trip (I’ll tell you all about it next week, G-d willing). So I want you to go and I’ll live vicariously through you, okay? Okay!



Read more about the Retreat here or watch this video

Also, I have another post up on Hevria this week, where I do my own self-exploration about why I get annoyed all the time by all manner of things and people. I’m telling you guys, being a writer is really therapeutic sometimes!

One thought on “Need To Recharge? Go To The Redemption Retreat!

  1. Thank you for sharing about the Redemption Retreat with your characteristic warmth and humor. The dream is to help as many women as possible find healing, self love and empowerment and you just brought that dream a little closer to reality. Thank you Rivki!
    PS.We laugh a lot on these retreats too!

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