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One Way Purim Improved My Life

It’s t-minus four days (three days?) until Purim! I made a shopping run this morning for some last-minute things. I may or may not need to do another last-last-minute run, but we’ll see. As it stands right now, I’m gearing up to make my shalach manos, to put the finishing touches on some costumes and to listen to my kids give over their versions of the Purim story.

But what would a holiday be without taking the opportunity to reflect on deeper meanings and find a way to improve myself? Yes, I’m very, crazily, busy, and it’s not like I have so much time to just sit around contemplating the deeper meanings of life, but it’s kind of my thing, and, to adapt a quote I heard once, I can’t afford to *not* try to improve myself.

Life is short. You know.

Anyways, I wrote a thing for Hevria this week where I share the awkward fact that sometimes I really see a lot of my own behavior in a character of the story that no one really wants to be associated with. It’s not such a flattering thing, but it has been something that has encouraged me to be better. So totally worth it.

Let me know what you think about the article, and let me know if it resonates with you at all.

And have a Freilichen Purim!!!

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