Being Authentic and Loving My Housewife Life

It seems so retro, such a throwback, and a little, I don’t know, something I don’t always want to own, but, guys, I really do like being a homemaker. I’ll own that. I like it. I get pleasure from it. And I talk about that, plus how I balance my creative drive while also striving to make the best home environment I can, in this interview over on Rivka Levy’s blog, Emunaroma. Check it out here. There’s also an interview with Rivka Nehorai so bonus!

I also have a new piece up on Hevria now, talking about what I think it means to be authentic. Spoiler alert: it’s complicated.

Enjoy! Hope all those who were fasting had an easy and meaningful fast, and a good recovery today. Don’t forget to hydrate!


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