Bullet Journal Update

I’m happy to report that not only am I still bullet journaling, I am enjoying and improving the experience.

Last month I included a page that listed all the ways I wanted to organize March differently.

Guys I don’t know if you realize how huge this is. Not only did I not freak out that I messed up (whatever that even means) the February Organization, I calmly went about making plans to fix the problems in the future.


Enough evangelizing.

In January I was able to establish the habit of keeping my phone out of my bedroom at night.

In February I worked on social media usage.

I had a goal to not exceed 30 minutes of social media per day. This doesn’t count the posting I’m doing for “work,” rather, the mindless relaxing/scrolling/time wasting usage.

At the beginning of the month, I was amazingly mindful of how long I was spending on social media. I was even using the stopwatch function on my phone whenever I opened a social media app.

About halfway through the month, when I got pretty sick on and off for a week, I totally stopped keeping track. I was tired and draggy and only had enough energy to move a thumb or two, so the social media vortex won out, and then whatever progress I had made was stunted.

However, all was not lost. I no longer take my phone into the bathroom with me (sorry if that’s TMI), and I am at least more aware of my usage. I think that I am less chained to my phone now, and I will keep working on it. Moderation.

This month I’m working on not checking any social media OR email until after nine o’clock in the morning. So far, so good, and I like how it’s affected my morning routine. I make my coffee and focus on my bullet journal and then I get my kids up and make them breakfast (NO AYIN HARAS ABOUT MY KIDS SLEEPING IN, OKAY??)

Something I want to do in the future (after Pesach, likely) is to check out other things I can do with my bullet journal to maximize life.

What are you working on this month?

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8 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Update

    1. Right? Last year it became such a time-drain for me, and when I started to disengage I noticed just how many notifications I get that are only meant to draw me in, not really leading to any connection with anyone, and usually just wasting my time.

  1. Hey!
    It’s Hadas Bat-el from FHO and keepcalmandlovehashem.wordpress.com. I was thinking about writing a post about it! I’m so happy for you! I had been dreaming about doing bullet journaling for years but never got around to it. I realized it’s too hard for me to do this myself, so I found free printables for different pages: Weekly schedule, Monthly, Habit Tracker, dream board, budget, spending tracker, and other pages I want to have in it, printed them out and glued them in a notebook.

    Although it took time to create and find prints I like, I can reprint them easily for the future and it makes it so much easier for me. I found a monthly calendar print that lets you color it in, so that was great for making it unique and I can color in the details, add drawings and things over the original prints during classes in the courses I take. It just took off the pressure of being super creative, drawing perfect lines, banners, etc.

    It’s been really helpful….

  2. this is so inspiring!!! i have to say im still getting into the bullet journal thing, im not sure why its not an easier transition for me. i still find myself needing my regular calendar planner a lot. i have to be more consistent about using it daily. what would you say is so life-changing about it all besides social media?? if you dont mind sharing…

    On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 12:58 AM, Rivki Silver ~ thoughts & music wrote:

    > Rivki Silver posted: “I’m happy to report that not only am I still bullet > journaling, I am enjoying and improving the experience. Last month I > included a page that listed all the ways I wanted to organize March > differently. Guys I don’t know if you realize how huge this is. ” >

    1. I’m so glad! I think that because I inserted the bullet journaling process into my morning routine (it’s the first thing I do, sitting down with my coffee and journal) that makes it easier to be consistent. And then the days that I wake up too late to open it, I really feel it, so it’s motivating.

      Besides the social media, I would say that I have a much better idea of what I need to get done and when, I have a more firm grasp of what’s coming up in my schedule and am able to plan better because of it, which means I’m more chill, less stressed and less things come as surprised or get forgotten. That’s so valuable.

      Good luck!

  3. LOVE this post. I’m so happy you quickly got to the point where you see the pages a place to experiment, play, improve, and change. There’s no right format and no matter how many times I promise people that, they still won’t start for fear of doing it wrong. There’s no wrong!!! I’ve been at it over a year and still make changes in how I keep track of stuff and what I keep track of all the time.

    1. I think the idea of there not being a wrong way to do it is such a foreign concept, it can be hard to wrap your mind around! And I think that hesitancy to start shows just how many of us are perfectionists, and how that perfectionism really hinders growth! It really does!

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