Summer Vacation + BuJo Update

Does anyone else feel like they are still recovering from Pesach? Just me? Granted, I had a whole lot going on emotionally and physically the past few months, which is something I need to keep in mind as I wonder what on earth happened to my life these past few months.

For example, I totally slacked on my bullet journal for April-June, ish. Partly it was just me experimenting with and finding layouts that worked and layouts that didn’t, and partly it was not having any time at all. Partly it wasn’t thinking and making layouts for days when I would be on vacation and not really needing the journal as much.

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But whatever, such is life, it’s all good, and thanks to the flexibility of the BuJo, I am back on the wagon for July and in full force of the planning and stuff and BOY does it feel fantastic. I have some pics up on my Instagram account, check it out.

On a similar but also totally separate note, my kids are done with school and summer vacation is in full swing. We just got back from a great trip to St. Louis (well great except for the part where three of my four kids got a stomach virus and had fever/throwing up) where we visited two of my absolutely favorite places – The City Museum and Laumeier Scultpure Park.

Being in those two legitimately magical places inspired me to go on a quest this summer and find the magical places in Cleveland.

One of the challenges of moving to a new city when I was already a busy mother is that I don’t have the time or energy to explore the city and find the little nooks and crannies that can make life a little extra interesting. But I have faith that I will be able to discover at least one interesting place this summer, and I will let you know about it, most likely.

Summer means being busy in an entirely different way, and I’m hoping to be on the go a fair amount. I think because of the intense winters we have here, there’s an extra drive to go out and enjoy the summer. I’m planning to do dinner on the go a lot, and would love to hear what your favorite picnic-type meals are. I did some google searching, but mainly I found stuff like this:


It looks amazing, and I definitely want to eat that, but there is no way my children are gonna touch it, or, at least, I would have to make a backup dinner so they weren’t tired hungry monsters. And I don’t feel like making two picnic dinners, sorry.

But then I’m like, MAYBE I SHOULD!!!! Meals like that make me feel like I really missed the boat in getting my kids to eat healthy food. I have to give myself a whole pep talk about how my kids do make healthy food choices sometimes and that it’s okay that they eat junk food too and I’m really a good mom! Seriously. I hate all the anxiety and insecurity that comes with being a mother.


I’m looking forward to summer, to maximizing the time I have while my kids are in camp and to having fun adventures with my kids when they are home.

What’s your summer like?





5 thoughts on “Summer Vacation + BuJo Update

  1. My summer is not looking good. I was supposed to be going to New York to see someone I was dating long-distance, but she broke up with me (for pragmatic reasons that make me think that no one could ever want to marry me), but I’ve still got the tickets booked, so I have to go now. I’ve never been on holiday on my own before, so I was quite anxious even before we broke up. It’s quite possibly going to be the most depressing holiday ever, which is not the best way to go into it…

  2. I wasn’t using my Bujo as much in the last few months and found myself really stressed and scattered. I didn’t connect the two until I started setting up a new one to help me control this totally out of control summer and bam– I feel a little better. Though still a bit frazzled.

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