Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

It’s Elul!

I have less than zero time to do this post, but in the spirit of fully utilizing this potent month, here is a link to my Hevria post today, part of Elul’s theme of Love & Fear.

Hevria is extending this theme to everyone and anyone who feels like participating, and you can share your thoughts on this theme on your social media accounts, your blog, wherever.

The idea is for a bunch of people to all think about Love & Fear and create whatever it is that comes out of their neshama’s creative process.

Use the hashtag #Hevrialoveandfear so we know your work is part of the theme.

So my post today is part of the theme, it’s about my complicated feelings about Facebook groups. Do I hate them? Love them? Is there any value in them? Go find out what I think.

On a related theme, but also kind of not really, I’m doing my Quick Thoughts for Elul this year over on my Instastories.

I’m sorry for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, I really really wish I had the time and energy to share across all my various platforms but I just can’t.

Have an amazing Elul full of growth and introspection! Are you reading any great books in particular? Would love to hear what you’re learning this month!

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