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It’s Almost Rosh Hashanah And Almost Nothing Is Done

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I actually do have some things done, a result of me finally learning to double kugel recipes and also bake kugels in smaller containers (my family never, never finishes a 9×13, even when we have guests, and the leftover inevitably are tossed, but it took me years to just put the same amount of kugel into two pans instead of one).

So there’s some stuff in my freezer, but my grand plans to make a menu plan and execute it in advance to have a relaxing Tishrei (as relaxing as realistically possible) was completely derailed by one simple thing: My children’s schedule. Or lack thereof.

I neglected to take into account that my children would be out of camp, that my husband and I would be taking a trip, and that the soft start to school plus Labor Day (hello no school for the youngest two kids!), so the amount of planning I did was exactly zero.

I haven’t even made the September monthly or weekly spreads for my Bullet Journal yet because there’s some reaction my brain has to children being home – it just doesn’t want to start anything that takes even the smallest amount of concentration (yes, writing this blog post doesn’t actually count as concentrating for me, go figure, I guess that’s the result of doing it for so long).

I know I’m just going to get interrupted by a question or something they want to show me (awww) or a request to sit on my lap (85% possibility if I’m sitting down). And if I’m trying to concentrate and get interrupted, there’s a good chance I’ll respond in an irritable way, and I don’t want there.

What about at night, you may ask? Not enough energy, I will reply.

I have this feeling that until we’re through with Yom Tov it’s just gonna be a bit of a balagan here, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be in this phase. I’m going to do the best I can and that’s going to be enough.

And that’s today’s blog post!

Ksiva v’chasima tovah to all!

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

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