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Responding To Tragedy

In the aftermath of something horrific, I always feel the desire to post something, to say something, to suss out some emotion I can share. But I usually can’t. I’m usually too deep in the actual feeling of the emotion to be able to sort through it in a coherent enough way to turn it into something suitable for public consumption.

I don’t know why, but this time, after coming out of a perfectly lovely Shabbos to such horrible, nightmarish news, I was able to process it, and to write some things. This is one piece up on There will also be a collection of responses from the writers of Hevria up on the site over the course of the day (and probably the week, I don’t know).

I hope that the words I was able to write are a source of some comfort and strength to all of us as we go through this difficult week.

The security at my children’s school has been upped, which is good, but seeing the extra police cars stationed in more prominent places by the entrances as I walk my sweet three-year-old into his preschool just makes me feel sad, and a little scared, too.

May we all know more peace and joy than tragedy in our lives.



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