Who Has Energy?

Not me!

You might think I have energy because I keep posting events that I’m involved with or articles I’ve written, but I’m telling you that it is a facade! I’m really just napping most of the time.

The frigid winter temperatures preclude any outdoor walking, my stalwart dedication to avoiding my elliptical and exercise bike in the basement continues, plus the cold weather always makes me want to hibernate, to snuggle up on the couch with a hot tea, a blanket and a book (see, doesn’t that sound so appealing?). Plus at 34 weeks of pregnancy (or whatever I’m at, it’s around there), it’s not like I’m getting great sleep, so I’m chronically fatigued (thank G-d, thank G-d, it’s a fatigue I am grateful for).

I’m still recovering from my amazing trip to Israel, and, me being me, I re-entered my Cleveland life full swing, with a variety show in my house on Sunday (which was wonnnnnderful) and a performance in the Cleveland Geula Gathering tomorrow night, plus we have a date night this week.

So, yeah, I can see why it might seem that I have energy.

But, really, I’m so tired. On the nights that I don’t have an outside activity scheduled, I crawl into bed around seven (which is one reason I forgot to make my Silver Linings video yesterday!).

What’s my point? I don’t know. Maybe it’s to explain why I didn’t have this blog post up yesterday. Or to remind the world that appearances can be deceiving, and that you never know what’s going on behind the social media posts (for me, it’s napping. Just assume I’m napping).

But when I wasn’t napping, I managed to write a couple article which I want to link to. Maybe you’ve already seen them, but if you haven’t, here they are!

I’ve been parenting for 10 years now (10 years!!!) and so I wrote a little thing for Aish.com about what I’ve learned about parenting over the past decade.

I have my first article up on Between Carpools about how I used to not be organized at all and now I am! Mostly.

Would love for you to check those out and also would love to hear your thoughts, as always.

And now I think I might actually get on that elliptical for fifteen minutes or so, so thanks for the inadvertent motivation! Woo!

4 thoughts on “Who Has Energy?

  1. It’s no wonder you’re tired! So many wonderful and creative projects! Ahhh. Lots of fun and stimulating but I’m getting tired just reading about it! Lol. Kol hakavod

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