Eleven Jewish Women You Should Follow

I love round-ups and… I also really don’t love them. I’ve been included in them, which feels great! Who doesn’t love to be noticed? But I’ve also been excluded from others, and that hurts. It feels the opposite of great. And I know that in making this list, I am leaving out awesome amazing women who are contributing to the world in unique ways, and for that I apologize. I am limited by who I am aware of and also the chronic sleep deprivation of having a small baby, so if you know someone who is missing from this list (even if that someone is yourself!), please please PLEASE include them in the comments, with links and whatever so we can share the love.

ps- this list is alphabetical

Nina Badzin

A long-time writer friend, Nina is thoughtful, relatable, gives great advice, has an enviable reading list, and is the kind of woman you want as a friend. She has a website, a friendship advice column, and her monthly newsletter is one of the only newsletters I subscribe to.

Chanale Fellig

One of the first frum female performers whose CD I purchased, Chanale is not only musically talented, she’s funny, too.  She somewhat recently made aliyah and has mined that experience for all the humor its worth. I love how she took someting that is notoriously stressful (moving to a new country) and found a way to bring laughter to it. YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram.


Alex Fleksher

A powerhouse of a woman, Alex is not only involved in many communal projects (Shabbos Project! Chizzuk Retreat! Other things I can’t think of at the moment!), she also writes articles for Mishpacha magazine that pull no punches. She tackles communal issues that many of us are often thinking about, and brings these to the surface, prompting discussions around Shabbos tables and in the letters to the editor.  Also, she just had a baby – mazel tov!

Sheva Givre

Hands down, one of the most creative and funky and awesome women I know. Her Instagram stories are the place to go for authentic, humorous and creative moments. She also has an instagram account specifically for her creative crafty stuff – Pearlyluart. Plus Facebook.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett

I first starting following Chaviva back when I started blogging (which feels like a million years ago) and when her blog was the Kvetching Editor (now it’s Just Call Me Chaviva). I mostly check out her Instagram stories and posts, and love her gorgeous tichels and candid life moments. Also Facebook.

Franciska Kay

I got to see Franciska perform at the ATARA conference in Baltimore a couple years ago. She had incredible presence, a gorgeous outfit and just put on a fabulous show. She was clearly a pro. And she continues to wow, with beautiful music and (!!) a podcast where she interviews a ton of incredibly talented women. She has a Facebook page too.

Ruchi Koval

If you are not already following her, start immediately! Ruchi is relatable, wise, funny, serious, she covers Jewish stuff and parenting stuff and general human stuff. She’s everything you want in a friend and mentor. She has a blog, she’s on Facebook and Instagram, so get on that. She is also a public speaker, and she also posts great parsha videos and other videos, oh and she’s musical too. And a lot of other things. Check. Her. Out.

Ani Lipitz

How did I even get connected to Ani? I have no idea. We are Facebook friends but we’ve never met and never really interacted all that much, BUT I feel an affinity towards her and she cracks me up but she also shares some seriously deep Torah thought.

Rena Reiser

Have you heard of Intuitive Eating? It’s about having a positive relationship with food, instead of the complicated and often negative dieting relationship. Rena is the person to go to for learning how to eat intuitively. She is a certified Health Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She has helped me before and is wonderful to work with. You can find her at her website, Mind Over Munchies, on Instagram and she also has a podcast which you need to check out!

Yaara Sandock

I only recently discovered Yaara’s Youtube channel and I am loving them! We implemented this one a few weeks ago and my kids are totally into it. I like how creative she is and how her suggestions and ideas are accessible and fun without being overwhelming to implement. I look forward to checking out more of her videos and seeing what new ones she’s going to make!

Merri Ukraincik

Writer. Crocheter. Righteous crusader of the dignity of women (#iwontdisappear #frumwomenhavefaces). Merri constantly brings the meaning to social media. She is thoughtful and sensitive and caring and her writing has been described as “luminous.”  Facebook and Instagram and her blog.







Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Eleven Jewish Women You Should Follow

  1. Fantastic! All well deserved! I love the way you sum them up! I found myself thinking yes, yes, yes! I know a bunch of them and look forward to checking out a few others!

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  2. Awesome list. I look forward to checking out the ones I don’t know.
    I LOVE ANI TOO!!! she’s my vegan go to godess!
    Here’s a couple more I’d love for you to get to know:

    Esther Crispe: A speaker, flies all over the world to speak, a writer who’s deep and insightful.She’s inspirational powerhouse. She lives in VT and is just the most awesome human! She created Lumin Stories!

    Esther Freeman: Singer, song writer. She connects people through music and is a wonderful woman!

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