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Chanukah Giveaway!!

It has been a long long (very long) time since I did a giveaway, and I had the idea in my mind to maybe do a Chanukah giveaway this year, but as with many nice ideas in my busy life, it existed only in its potential state (meaning it wasn’t gonna happen). But thankfully Rivka Bonan of Cool Jewish Stuff messaged me on Instagram about potentially partnering to feature some of her products, and that gave me the necessary motivation to actually get started on this and now here we are!!

Everyone say thank you to Rivka!

I am very extra excited to be running this giveaway in time for your Chanukah/Hanukkah needs. I am also very VERY EXTREMELY excited to be partnering with some excellent ladies who have some sweet swag that you can enter to win. Four items ONE WINNER!

Let’s get to it!


As I mentioned just above, Rivka Bonan has some very cool Jewish stuff (see what I did there?) in her Etsy store (Cool Jewish Stuff). You can win these very cool and handy Maoz Tzur printables! No more squinting at your siddur’s table of contents to find where on earth those lyrics are, just use these beautiful cards! Or give them as a gift. Whatever works for you! Here is her Facebook Page. Here is her Instagram page.

Maoz Tzur cards!



I am always in awe of writers who can actually create stories using only their mind. Yeah, I can write a mean essay, and I am comfortable with the title “essayist” and I can write a song but writing a story seems impossibly elusive to me. Good thing authors like Rebecca Klempner exist to provide the children (and adults!) of the world with great reading material! And Rebecca is very nicely giving away a copy of her book Adina At Her Best!

Adina At Her Best

Here’s a blurb:

Adina Ben Ami is a fun and friendly fourth grader — who blurts out her thoughts, bothers her brother, and gets in trouble! On her class trip to Ranchos Los Cerritos — a spacious ranch house with costumed tour guides and pretty gardens — Adina’s enthusiasm goes too far. Or does it?

Adina at Her Best, by popular author Rebecca Klempner, is an exciting, heartwarming tale that will inspire readers to see the best in others and never give up.

It’s best for readers between the ages of 8-11.

Item #3

Remember when I wrote this article for Nashim magazine online? And I hope you didn’t miss this one by my friend, Amy (really, go read it now. It’s excellent). Well, in case you haven’t heard, Nashim magazine is now in PRINT like you can hold it in your hands and read it on Shabbos or whenever you want. And! You can win a free subscription because that is up for grabs in this giveaway yeah yeah yeah.

Item #4

I’m throwing in one of these magnets because I still have them and they are still awesome.

How Do You Enter?

Easy! Follow these four social media accounts, leave a comment on either my FB page or instagram account tagging two friends and BAM you are entered! (If you are not on Facebook or Instagram just leave a comment here on my blog).

Facebook: Rivki Silver’s Blog; Cool Jewish Stuff; Rebecca Klempner, Writer; Nashim Magazine

Instagram: rivkisilver, cooljewishstuff, rebeccaklempner, nashimmagazine

I will announce the winner next Sunday (December 1st)

Again: Follow the four accounts listed above. Go to either my blog’s Facebook page OR my instagram account, leave a comment tagging two friends and then you are entered!

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