Coronavirus Break Creativity

Hello all my fellow socially distanced or not-yet socially distanced friends. We are entering week two of this new normal, and the learning experiences keep on coming.

One of my wise friends shared with me that’s she’s been viewing this whole thing as a mussar test from the get-go. I love that.

This does feel like a pop quiz, in a sense. Like, how much emunah and bitachon do I really have? How well have I internalized the many messages I’ve posted and written about over the years?

Even though I’ve been failing more than I would like (awkward), I am also heartened by the things that are going well, the things that are going right. The things that I’ve put a lot of time and energy into over the years. Like my excellent bribery skills when it comes to getting my kids to do things.


Kind of.

Not really.

But there are plenty of areas of my life that are in desperate need of work, and now is really the time to do it. I don’t have anything to distract me, really. All my less than stellar traits are staring me right in the face, and it’s either fix them now or suffer the consequences.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m not changing overnight. But I can do my best to make as much headway as I can, in this intensive middos workshop that I find myself in.

Everything is magnified, for better or worse. And now is the time to take advantage of this priceless opportunity to improve.


I know that many of us do not have a moment to stop and think (full disclosure: all my kids are on devices right now, that’s how I’m even writing this). And I know others of us have maybe too much time to stop and think. Again, with the “Everything is magnified” feeling of this whole challenge.

We have been keeping to a schedule of learning and downtime here, it seems to be more or less working, thank G-d, but Sundays are a little more unstructured, which, yes, meant a lot more fighting today than usual, so that was hard, but it also meant we had a lot of free time where my oldest created this fabulous video.

The concept is all his, the execution is all his, the jokes are all his. I just did some editing, and he was so excited to see his dream come to life. I’m happy to share it with you. Please, give it a like if you can, it would make his day.

And I hope you’re all well, and grateful that none of his dystopian weather forecasts are our reality, in this definitely-feeling-like-sci-fi reality that we are living in.

Stay safe, stay home, and I can’t wait to hear all the things you’ve done with yourself in your own social distancing experiences.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus Break Creativity

  1. Dear Rivki’s Eldest!

    You have gotten so big! How fun that you are making videos! This one is super cute! I know how long it takes to make art, do puzzles, plan a script, film and edit video, and I‘m sure you worked hard on this project! It’s great that you are finding things to do during this weird time!

    If you lived here in Rochester, NY, I’d have you working on an Outro for me in Garage Band! Ask your mom to check it out.

    I also make videos.

    Here is something I made for my parents for their 50th anniversary.

    It. Took. Forever.

    Hope you enjoy it. (They has TWO rabbis officiating at their wedding, and you will hear audio from 1963!)

    PS: I know people from North Carolina and I can honestly say sometimes I WISH that state really WOULD actually “fall into the Earth’s core.”

    (((Not really, but…)))

    If you ever feel like doing LIVE art with me on Facebook, I lead a FREE daily practice at 11AM on my page.


    Please excuse any errors. This message was sent from my wireless thingamajiggy.


  2. I enjoyed the video! But I couldn’t work out how to like it (I do not use YouTube much).

    I don’t feel like I have much bitachon. Emunah, yes, but not bitachon, so I guess this is going to teach me some. We’re still really worried about Mum and how isolated we should all be to protect her. I’m panicking a bit over Pesach stuff, which probably isn’t necessary at this stage.

    1. No worries about the liking it, he’s just happy people are seeing it. This is all a big test for all of us. I’ll keep you and your mother in our tefillos. This Pesach is going to be unlike any other.

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