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Acts Of Kindness During Coronavirus Times

Every day is a new chance. Don’t get bogged down by the (probably long) list of things you wish you’d done, the times you wished you could’ve helped, or any other normal and understandable disappointments.

These are strange times, and the kindnesses you may have been doing on the regular may not be an option anymore. You may be more overwhelmed than usual (aren’t we all?). You may not even know where to start.

Well, you can start fresh today, and choose to do something small (or something big, if you want!)

  • Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal
  • Send a motivational text to a friend who is struggling
  • Arrange to watch a movie at the same time and do it on a video call
  • Reach out to a friend or family member who is isolated
  • Send an interesting article to a friend
  • Send a joke or funny men to a friend

There are more ideas here. And also here.

Let me know what acts of kindness you’ve done, or that people have done for you!

4 thoughts on “Acts Of Kindness During Coronavirus Times

  1. The Maya Angelo quote reminds me of the story about Rabbi Yisrael Salanter, when he saw a cobbler working late at night by candlelight. He asked him why he was working so late and the cobbler said, “As long as there is light, it is still possible to mend,” which Rabbi Salanter took as a life message.

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