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Why Failure Is Good

I have loved this verse (or, more specifically, this section of verse) from Mishlei (Proverbs), because of its validation about how failing is not only okay, it’s almost expected.

To be a righteous person, a Tzaddik, is kind of what we should be striving to be, and here this verse is telling us that we shouldn’t worry about the mistakes we make along the way.

It happens. That’s life. It’s not the mistake that we should focus on, but the end goal.

This whole corona experience has been very Groundhog Day in the sense that I am coming face to face with the same challenges over and over and over again (Oh, you don’t want to go on zoom today? Oh, your sister is annoying you? Oh everyone is screaming and mommy’s about to lose it?).

So I feel like this is a perfect testing ground for this sentiment, of how I have a new chance every day to respond to the same challenges, and how even though I have failed many times over, I have another chance tomorrow to do better.

And this unique situation, where I cannot distract myself by running errands or volunteering or, really, much of anything, has led me to really appreciate the opportunity to work intensely on my parenting and marriage skills.

I still have a long way to go, but it’s remarkable to see how all my failures have actually led to better coping mechanisms, more patience (sometimes), and a healthier perspective on what is and isn’t worth stressing over.

-Featured Photo by 立志 牟 on Unsplash

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