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How To Combat Burnout

“I feel burnout comes as a result of consistent over-simulation.”

-Dinesh Paliwal

Raise your hand if you are feeling really, really tired of the new normal.

I’m trying to write this post as my baby is fussing in her high chair and my five-year-old is actively leaning against me, asking for the umpteenth time if he could just look at the Lego figures we ordered for him.

I love my kids, I love my life. That is no question. But wow, would I like a break. Would I love to just sit and enjoy my cup of coffee and write in my journal and make my to-do list without a gazillion interruptions.

Of course, I’m used to this by now. It’s been this way for months. But some days I just feel it more than others.

And there is so much information coming at me, all the time. Things I should educate myself on. Things going on in the world that I need to be aware of. Emails from my school, my pediatrician, from so many places that I didn’t even realize had my email address.

I can’t think. My five-year-old is laying across my desk and I am literally typing over his body and feeling myself get more exasperated. I just want to finish this one thing!

But I don’t get to finish things right now. And that’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay. It’s beyond exasperating. But I can do little to change it, besides sticking this little guy in front of a screen until I’m done (always an option, just not one I want to exercise just right now).

He has managed his way onto my lap and is kissing me, to encourage me to show him what he wants. I love these snuggles, but I miss my space. Holding these two conflicting feelings at once is a key to not becoming entirely overwhelmed.

I am definitely overstimulated. Anyone at my stage is, at this point. But what are my choices?

Here are a few things I’m doing to just take the edge off:

-Use those screens. I let my kids have more screen time than usual while the baby was napping so I could just sit and do nothing but have some screen time myself.

-Do something for myself. I’ve been exceptionally scraggly lately (hello chin hairs), so I took twenty minutes (or however long it was, I wasn’t looking at the clock) and cleaned up my face instead of doing the usual chores. It gave me a huge boost!

Switch it up. I haven’t made myself a proper breakfast in a very long time. It’s just been extra work, extra dishes to clean, and it wasn’t worth the effort. But today I need that extra pampering and that change in schedule, so I’m going to make some shakshuka.

Remember to smile. It really helps. When I put a smile on my face and take a few deep breaths it makes me feel better.

-Give hugs and nice words to my loved ones. I’m not the only one feeling overwhelmed by the current situation. My kids (and husband!) can also use a boost, and as a bonus, it makes me feel better to make them feel better.

-Keep perspective. The school year is almost over, and while, yes, summer is usually beyond hectic not to mention a big question mark this year, it will be a respite from the current pressures.

What do you do to battle burnout?

-Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “How To Combat Burnout

  1. I love love love and appreciate how honest and real you are. Thank you for sharing your real life with me so that I can know I am not alone. I am not abnormal and I can take strength and wisdom that you share.

    On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 4:26 PM Rivki Silver ~ thoughts & music wrote:

    > Rivki Silver posted: ” “I feel burnout comes as a result of consistent > over-simulation.”-Dinesh Paliwal Raise your hand if you are feeling really, > really tired of the new normal. I’m trying to write this post as my baby is > fussing in her high chair and my five-year-old ” >

    1. Thank you Blima! I’m so so happy that what I’m sharing is helpful. It’s so normal to worry that we’re not normal, and it’s so reassuring to know that others are going through the same stuff! at least similar enough. :)

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