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November Bullet Journal Update

I sent my boys off to school this morning with their heavy winter coats. The forecasted high is only in the low forties, and while they would happily just wear their hoodies inside and out, I decided to intervene.

This may be a minority opinion, but I love when fall comes in. I love getting out my sweaters and scarves and booties and gloves. I also love how Cheshvan gives me exponentially more headspace than hectic Tishrei.

Last month I didn’t even do a monthly spread, there was no time. I didn’t do any weekly spreads either. I just flew by the seat of my skirt. That’s something I don’t love about doing bullet journals – it take time to set things up, and once I set a precedent of how my journal looked and functioned, it was difficult to be flexible.

Towards the end of the month I did need to have some idea of what my week was going to look like, so I scribbled down a very simple timeline and that worked in a pinch.

But now! Now I have the time to sit down and make my calendar, to chart out the course of the month in a little more methodical way.

One of the things I love the most about doing bullet journals is that when a layout isn’t working for me, I can switch it up. For a while, this is how I was doing my weekly layout:

I liked how it gave me a linear view of the week, and how the hours were plotted out. I sometimes used that bottom area for meal planning, and it worked for a spell. But in the end, I realized I was wasting vast amounts of space (especially once my calendar really cleared out due to COVID). I make all my weekly spreads at the beginning of the month, and in September I have six full pages that looked like this:

All that prime real estate. Ugh. I did repurpose some of those pages for ad hoc lists, so it wasn’t a total waste, but clearly some re-thinking was needed.

This month I am trying out a layout where my weekly planner is on the same page as my to-do lists, tracker and goal box (which at first seemed to me like just a repeat of the to-do list box, but then I realized I could use it to write down the goals I am working on in my interpersonal relationships, which is great for keeping those things in the forefront of my mind).

At first I was concerned that the space for writing down my appointments and meetings and whatnot was going to be too small, but then I had an epiphany- once the box is filled up, it’s time to say no!

I don’t need to cram my day so full of appointments and meetings. My life is so busy already. The smaller space is a fail-safe method to keep me from over-extending myself.

Not pictured are my Page of Gratitude and my Mood Tracker (neither of which are made yet). I appreciate these pages even if I’m not always as consistent at filling them out as I’d like to be.

Here’s to a good month for all of us, however’s it’s organized.

4 thoughts on “November Bullet Journal Update

  1. Thanks for this. May be just the kick in the,,, you know that I need. I always plan to plan out my weeks and then I don’t. And, oh how I forget things I mean to do. SO… I’m liking your layout and I’m going to try something similar for myself. Wish me luck!

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