What Does Being Normal Mean?

When we were first developing our podcast, Normal Frum Women, we knew our first episode was going to address the complicated concept of the word “normal.” That was a given.

Whether it’s a word you identify with or a word you avoid, chances are, it’s a word you think about (Alex actually wrote that line! I can’t take credit).

And now, not even a week after Episode One was released, our podcast has absolutely shot up the charts beyond our expectations (as I’m writing this, Normal Frum Women is currently #3 on the chart for podcast in the category of Judaism on Apple Podcasts), and we are seeing that yes, a whole lot of you do want to hear about this complex word.

At a time in the world when so much communication seems to come in simplified sound bytes, memes, take downs, glib retorts, and various other closed modes of communication (closed as in not open to reflection or discussion), I am so grateful to be involved in creating something that offers nuance, thoughtfulness, self-examination, and a focus on growth and connection.

For me, that will always be the normal way to function. It’s “my” normal.

I hope you have a chance to listen to Episode One of the podcast, What Is Normal, Anyways? And I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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