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The Perfect Marriage

One thing I’ve learned by blogging about marriage stuff is that everyone’s marriage is different.  I mainly found this out through this post where I suggested what I thought were universal tips that would help with marriage.  Boy, was I wrong!    One reason why different marriage advice works for different people is that we… Continue reading The Perfect Marriage

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Escaping Hurricane Sandy

We had a trip to Memphis (home of a certain Bubby) planned for over a month.  Tickets had been purchased.  Lists had been made.  Supplies had been obtained.  The date of said trip?  Monday the 29th, the day Hurricane Sandy came ashore to the east coast.  We live on the east coast. Flashback to the… Continue reading Escaping Hurricane Sandy

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Having Guests – A Pleasure or a Pain?

Having guests is a big mitzvah.  We learn in the Talmud that it’s one of the few mitzvos that we can enjoy the fruits of in this world, yet the principle is still intact in the World to Come.  So it’s kind of a big deal.  It can be inspiring, enjoyable, entertaining.  But what happens when… Continue reading Having Guests – A Pleasure or a Pain?

Marriage · Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

What I will (and will not) be eating on Rosh Hashanah – a Menu Plan

Yes, I’m going there.  Rosh Hashanah is only three-and-a-half weeks away, as a good friend of mine pointed out to me today.  It’s time to think about what to make, what I can make ahead, what meat I’m going to order from Grow and Behold, who I’m going to invite, & who I’m going to… Continue reading What I will (and will not) be eating on Rosh Hashanah – a Menu Plan


Keeping the Peace in My Marriage

No matter how fantastic a spouse may be, living with another human being is bound to bring the occasional conflict.  Most of us are probably familiar with the toothpaste tube scenario – one spouse squeezes from the middle, the other from the bottom, and angst ensues.  On the surface, this is a banal and even… Continue reading Keeping the Peace in My Marriage


Kicking the Habit of Playing the Blame Game

The other night, as I was getting ready for sleep, I walked into our room, where the bed was still unmade from the morning.  Then I saw it.  A damp bathtowl was resting exactly where I wanted to rest.  Said towel was cold from the moisture and had made the sheets slightly clammy.  It was… Continue reading Kicking the Habit of Playing the Blame Game


How I met my husband

Today is the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.  I feel funny about posting something without making reference to this national milestone.  My husband and I met almost 6 years after the tragic events of that day, and by then, life had largely returned to what is the new normal.  For people more closely connected with the… Continue reading How I met my husband


What’s Your Take Results: Who manages the finances in your house?

I got the idea for this poll after having a conversation with my friend, E.  She was mentioning something about paying bills or managing finances.  It came out in the course of the conversation that my husband manages all of our finances. She was surprised, since in her marriage, she’s the one who handles all… Continue reading What’s Your Take Results: Who manages the finances in your house?


What’s your take results: What do you call your spouse?

Wow, I really left that poll up for ages, didn’t I?  Well, the results are definitely in: In our house, we mainly call each other by nicknames (Honey, or Honeychik/Honeychka – the Russian influence and all), or Tatty/Mommy.  We do use our proper names, but with the little parrot in our house (Little Man, that… Continue reading What’s your take results: What do you call your spouse?

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Perspectives of Marriage: Marrying Perfection

Growing up in today’s world, little girls are constantly bombarded by ideas of what a husband should be like. A husband should be Prince Charming who sweeps his wife off her feet (usually after rescuing her from death by poison fruit with a magical kiss), or he should surprise her with a candle-lit home-cooked gourmet… Continue reading Perspectives of Marriage: Marrying Perfection