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An Escape Room With A Jewish Flavor

It was a pleasure to receive this fascinating post about an unusual and interesting Jewish entertainment venue that Gamliel Beyderman sent me late this summer. I would love to do this someday! You can check out his Facebook page here. Wishing you all a ksiva v’chasima tovah, a good and sweet new year, full of… Continue reading An Escape Room With A Jewish Flavor

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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I “met” Meredith when she popped over to my blog one day from SITS.  Her blog, Perfection Pending, is one I can really relate to, as I’ve written more than a few times about coming to terms with my own wonderful imperfection.  So, when I saw that Meredith had a guest post series encouraging mothers… Continue reading How Motherhood Has Changed Me

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What’s Creative About Arts and Crafts?

Today’s guest post is by Faigie Kobre, who we could all learn a few things from.  For whatever reason, my gmail account sorted her email into the spam folder, and I almost missed out on having her share her experience and opinions!  Thankfully, Faigie didn’t give up, and reached me through a friend, and, as… Continue reading What’s Creative About Arts and Crafts?

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You’re Not Lazy – You’re Just Overwhelmed

Today’s post is by Shoshana, a dear friend of mine who also happened to be one of my roommates from seminary.  I always enjoy reading her insights into life, whether it’s large philosophical concepts or tips on minimizing laundry.  You can read more over at her blog, Clutter Recovery.   I’m a clutter coach. I… Continue reading You’re Not Lazy – You’re Just Overwhelmed

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I’m chatting with Miriyummy today!

There are some amazing, entertaining and interesting ladies I’ve met during my stay in the J-blogosphere.  Every now and then, I get a chance to collaborate with some of them, or at least get interviewed.  :) I am so happy to be over at Miriyummy today.  As you can probably guess from the name of… Continue reading I’m chatting with Miriyummy today!

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The Most Important Word of the Seder

I am so thrilled to have my friend (IRL), band sistah, fellow blogger, and someone who I just all-around look up to, Ruchi Koval, guest posting today.  Ruchi has a fabulous blog, Out of the Ortho Box, that I highly recommend you go and check out.  It’s one of the only places I’ve seen on… Continue reading The Most Important Word of the Seder

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Crowdsourced Pesach Tips

It’s starting to feel like crunch time over here (and I’m not talking about all that matzah we will soon be eating).  It’s that time when I’m no longer purchasing chometz.  I’m getting creative with my dinner ideas, using up whatever is hanging around my pantry (and still edible).  And, of course, I’m cleaning and… Continue reading Crowdsourced Pesach Tips

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Let the Pesach Prep Begin!

Well, it’s definitely that time of year.  Pesach prep has begun (for some of us, at least).  In the weeks leading up to this holiday of freedom, I want to share some tips, tricks, and wisdom from around the web. It’s understood that everyone has their own preferred method of cleaning, planning, and procrastinating.  Obviously… Continue reading Let the Pesach Prep Begin!

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A Homemaker Using Her Mind – Guest Post at Beltway Buzz

Happy Chanukah everyone!  Tomorrow will feature a post for Hannukah Hoopla (very exciting), but tonight I am happy to share this post which is up over at Beltway Buzz.  Is staying at home a mindless endeavor?  Am I wasting my liberal arts education?  Hardly!  Go, read and comment! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway… Continue reading A Homemaker Using Her Mind – Guest Post at Beltway Buzz

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Cook Kosher Guest Post

There are a number of yummy kosher recipe sites out there, and I’m happy to have written a guest post for Cook Kosher.  This site is really attractive, has a great interface, and, most importantly, has lots of delicious recipes. Remember when my oven was out of commission?  My post is about what I learned… Continue reading Cook Kosher Guest Post