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You’re Not Lazy – You’re Just Overwhelmed

Today’s post is by Shoshana, a dear friend of mine who also happened to be one of my roommates from seminary.  I always enjoy reading her insights into life, whether it’s large philosophical concepts or tips on minimizing laundry.  You can read more over at her blog, Clutter Recovery.   I’m a clutter coach. I… Continue reading You’re Not Lazy – You’re Just Overwhelmed

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Top o’ the fridge to you

I’ve only been married for about two-and-a-half years, so I’m still getting the hang of this whole “domestic maven” thing.  I mean, who knew that an apartment inhabited only by a wife, husband and toddler could get so dirty?  Where does this dirt come from?  I don’t remember inviting it in. One thing which I’m… Continue reading Top o’ the fridge to you

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The dream and the reality: our second car

We lasted over two years with one car.  If I needed to go anywhere, I would bundle up the baby and hoof it.  I went to the library, the grocery store, the butcher, the bookstore, the health food shop, basically, everywhere.  This arrangement worked out fairly well, except for a few notable occasions: Doctor’s appointments.… Continue reading The dream and the reality: our second car

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I love you, Cuisinart Smart Stick

I make the equivalent of Thanksgiving every week.  It’s for Shabbos, and even though it’s usually just me, hub and little man, I still make, on average: a chicken dish two to three salads soup one to two side dishes, like kugel or veggies cholent dessert challah Every week.  When we’re invited out for a… Continue reading I love you, Cuisinart Smart Stick

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Maintaining Sanity in a Small Apartment

We live in a two-bedroom apartment, and with a curious toddler, it soon became apparent that it’s oh so important to keep things accessible yet out of reach for little hands.  Also, with the limited space, I find that clutter builds very, very quickly.  Over the course of the past year or so, I’ve slowly… Continue reading Maintaining Sanity in a Small Apartment

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With Ingredients You can Pronounce

Interestingly, there are no guidelines by the FDA or USDA which define “natural foods.”  Apparently, since all food require some degree of processing, either mechanically, chemically or by temperature, it’s tricky to decide what exactly constitutes “natural.”  (Organic foods do have parameters and certification, by the way)(Wikipedia-Natural Foods). What this means for all of us… Continue reading With Ingredients You can Pronounce

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My fasting baking frenzy

For some reason, every fast day fills me with an overwhelming urge to bake.  This is what I did today: Scone batter.  mmmmmmmmm. Baked yummy blueberry-pecan scones! Next up: Peanut Butter Banana Bread with Honey and Pecans. Then:  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Casserole Finally:  Crunchy French Bread The final product – made into tasty… Continue reading My fasting baking frenzy

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Donna Reed, Bree VanDeKamp, and the concept of wifely duties

I heard an interview with John Lithgow on NPR‘s Around Noon where he mentioned the early retirement of his mother from an acting career because she was raising four children and it was the fifties and that was what was done back then (super-paraphrasing there).  Seemingly innocuous comments like that usually get me thinking about… Continue reading Donna Reed, Bree VanDeKamp, and the concept of wifely duties

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Keeping up with the Moshe

The disaster which was his room was tormenting my organizational side.  The room was hit by a combo of  traveling/holiday/guests/growth spurt/season change.  So basically, it was messy, disorganized and in desperate need of an update. There I was, working, a lot, more than I should have been.  I was trying to keep up with the… Continue reading Keeping up with the Moshe