Parenting is really gross

Warning:  this post contains a high level of gross!  Proceed at your own risk. I am not easily grossed out. I like it when my husband gives me gory details of some procedure he did at work. I flip through the pages of his medical journals and don’t wince at the pictures of who-knows-what.  I’m… Continue reading Parenting is really gross


Can I go to the break room now?

When I was in high school I had an after-school job at a local grocery store chain.  Many of my classmates also worked at this chain, and it was a good way to make a little extra money.  State policy dictated that for every three hours worked, an employee must have a ten-minute break.  Our… Continue reading Can I go to the break room now?


Nature v. Nuture, in parents?

It occurred to me recently that the Nature v. Nurture question is not exclusive to children.  It can also apply to parenting. My boys are very different.  It’s been apparent since early on.  Where my oldest has always been quite stoic, my second son has a quick smile for (nearly) everyone.  My oldest despised bathtime… Continue reading Nature v. Nuture, in parents?


The pacifier saga continues

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, my sink is fixed, the laundry pile is slowly dwindling, I found some allergy medicine that we already had in the house, and I’m going to be getting, IY”H, cleaning help on Friday (the previous no-show was a simple communication glitch)!  Yay! You may recall our interesting… Continue reading The pacifier saga continues

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OMG I’m on KOAB!

I am over the moon to have a guest post today on Kosher on a  Budget, which is one of my absolute favorite blogs.  Ever. Really, if you haven’t clicked on one of those links yet, do it now!  There are loads of great posts about saving money, budgeting, a coupon database, links to sales,… Continue reading OMG I’m on KOAB!


Little Man is two today!

It’s true!  Today is Little Man’s second birthday.  He was born on inauguration day.  Here’s  bit of weird trivia:  Our other baby was born in September, but at the exact time that former president Jimmy Carter was in the hospital – the same hospital, mind you – for a little health scare on his book… Continue reading Little Man is two today!


Why I don’t belong to a gym

I would like to join a gym.  I would.  I’m sure I could find an inexpensive membership.  And perhaps I could find someone to watch my kids (unless I found a gym with childcare).  Then there’s the whole question of would I really go, anyways… Then I thought about an average day in my life… Continue reading Why I don’t belong to a gym


Snip Snip – Little Man’s first haircut!

Some Orthodox Jews have the custom to not trim their boy’s hair until he is three years old.  It’s done in a beautiful celebration called an Upsherin (Yiddish for, wait for it:  haircut).  It’s like a big ol’ party where family and friends take turns snipping bits of hair off, yarmulke and tzitzis are donned… Continue reading Snip Snip – Little Man’s first haircut!


S is sick, and other toddler perceptions

One thing parenting has taught me is that my perception of the world is not to be taken for granted.  Just because something is apparent to me does not meant that it’s going to come across to Little Man as clearly.  Case in point: One of Little Man’s favorite books is the Dr. Seuss alphabet… Continue reading S is sick, and other toddler perceptions