When do I have time for this? I don’t know. Sometimes I just have to look past the dishes, the laundry, the explosion of clutter and order out for dinner because Mommy needs to make art.

Here are some of my recent works when the urge to create has become too strong to ignore. I feel that my work should be a commentary on how even when we, as women, are inundated with the traditional tasks of women, i.e. childcare and homemaking, we can still nurture the artistic part of our spirit.

October 2011 – I took the Day to Disconnect Challenge, and on that day, instead of spending time online, I wrote this song, and then made this video.

February 2012 – Music can drastically affect the way we view footage. I had some fun creating three different Midi pieces to illustrate this point in this video.

February 2013 – My oldest son took 101 selfies on my smartphone, so I set them to music, using GarageBand, and then made this video.

April 2013 – A clarinet etude from high school that I created a backtrack to using GarageBand. This video is one of the first where I show how being a busy mother doesn’t prevent me from making art, and includes outtakes that show what it’s like to strive to create amid the delightful chaos of parenting.

Spring 2013 – Commissioned work for ProMusica in Joplin, MO. Wrote a Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

May 2013 – In Harmony concert in Cleveland, OH. Performed two original works and one arrangement of a clarinet etude.

May 2014 – Arranged a Dudele for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano. Performed in Baltimore.

January 2015 – One of my friends encouraged me to arrange this piece for clarinet, so I did. And made this video.

January 2015 – Ode to a cosmic carrot

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