Third Trimester Musings

And no, I’m not talking about collegiate semesters here (although I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned there, too).  I’m talking about the ninth month, the final sprint, the end-is-in-sight part of pregnancy. For me, more than during the other parts of pregnancy, I am reminded of just how little control I have over… Continue reading Third Trimester Musings


A Suggested Strategy for Diaper Changing Drama

 Hi!  Welcome to Life in the Married Lane!  If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay! Those were the halcyon days:  I would say to Little Man, “Time for a new diaper!”  and he would gleefully run to the diaper changing pad in… Continue reading A Suggested Strategy for Diaper Changing Drama



Being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom.  Who thought of these acronyms?  They’re both convenient and annoying) is a luxury.  After working part-time last year, I really appreciate the freedom of being at home without many outside pressures on my schedule.  I’ve also been spoiled by Little Man’s independence (do you think I could write this much if… Continue reading Priorities


Completely Amazing

Little Man is about 18 months old.  Some of his favorite expressions include, “Whoooooaaaaaaaaahh!” “Noooo!” “Uh-oh.” and “Oh no!” He is a source of endless amusement. One of my friends just had her first baby (Mazel Tov!), and remarked how it’s not possible to describe that amazing transition from non-mother to mother.  So true.  I… Continue reading Completely Amazing

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Keeping up with the Moshe

The disaster which was his room was tormenting my organizational side.  The room was hit by a combo of  traveling/holiday/guests/growth spurt/season change.  So basically, it was messy, disorganized and in desperate need of an update. There I was, working, a lot, more than I should have been.  I was trying to keep up with the… Continue reading Keeping up with the Moshe


my murphy’s timeline

This was my day. We enjoyed a week-long (or was it ten days?) trip to my in-laws in Memphis and returned tonight.  It was totally cuckoo, and by the end, well, you can see for yourself. 1:00 a.m. Go to sleep 4:00 a.m. Baby wakes up screaming.  Continues for about two hours or so, intermittently… Continue reading my murphy’s timeline


what? yes. huh?

Basically, that’s where I’m holding. Earlier today, I meant to start a sentence with the words, “My husband,” and instead said, “My father.” I also picked up a pack of diaper wipes which beautifully display various Disney princesses…for my 13-month-old son. Not that he cares. I just usually try to get cars, or something gender… Continue reading what? yes. huh?