Being Authentic and Loving My Housewife Life

It seems so retro, such a throwback, and a little, I don’t know, something I don’t always want to own, but, guys, I really do like being a homemaker. I’ll own that. I like it. I get pleasure from it. And I talk about that, plus how I balance my creative drive while also striving… Continue reading Being Authentic and Loving My Housewife Life

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Shabbos and Creativity

A lot of my writing lately has been focused on things that I find difficult, or that I have struggled with. I think it’s important to explore these topics, but when it’s gotten to the point where writing about how much I appreciate Shabbos feels subversive, I realize that I need to think about balance!… Continue reading Shabbos and Creativity


Putting our kids’ needs first

I really want to go make a sandwich and eat it, so this is going to be a short and sweet post (as short as I’m capable of, at least.  I’m usually the one leaving multiple-paragraph comments on FB statuses, after all). While I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office this morning… Continue reading Putting our kids’ needs first