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Rabbi Shimon’s Good Advice

“Man should rather jump into a fiery furnace than offend another in public.” -Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Today is Lag B’Omer. Bonfires, bows and arrows, music (MUSIC!), haircuts, weddings, celebration. This is the day that the students of Rabbi Akiva stopped dying in the plague. Today is the yahrzeit of the Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar… Continue reading Rabbi Shimon’s Good Advice


Getting the Hang of this Motherhood Thing

Would it surprise you to know that, growing up, I never gave much thought to being a mother?  I wasn’t a girl who obsessed with dolls or ooo’d and aaah’d over babies.  I mean, I though babies were cute and all, but after a babysitting experience in my late teens where the child was inconsolable… Continue reading Getting the Hang of this Motherhood Thing