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BuJo Update: The End Of An Era

I’ve felt it coming for a little while now. The spark of joy when making my spreads was a little less, the feeling of it being a chore was a little greater. But I didn’t want to acknowledge that. I’ve been doing bullet journaling for more than two years (the first time I wrote about… Continue reading BuJo Update: The End Of An Era


How I Kicked A Bad Social Media Habit

I have spent more of my life than I would like to admit sitting in front of a screen. Just look at this picture my daughter drew last year in her “all about Mommy” assignment: I mean, she could have drawn me playing music, baking, cooking, I mean, even “do laundry” would’ve been better in… Continue reading How I Kicked A Bad Social Media Habit

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

A Little Chanukah Miracle

A Freilichen Chanukah to everyone who’s celebrating! It’s been a delightful whirlwind over here. Today is the last day of Chanukah vacation, so we’re soaking it up. I’m still in my pajamas as I type this. It’s glorious! Today over on Hevria, I wrote about my constantly evolving Chanukah experience, and how my expectations for… Continue reading A Little Chanukah Miracle

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why Orthodoxy?

After deciding to actively get involved with Judaism, the most logical starting place seemed to be at a synagogue.  My scant knowledge of these houses of worship was derived mainly from my childhood piano recitals, held in the synagogue my teacher attended. I faced an unexpected array of choices, having only recently learned that there are three main… Continue reading Why Orthodoxy?

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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I “met” Meredith when she popped over to my blog one day from SITS.  Her blog, Perfection Pending, is one I can really relate to, as I’ve written more than a few times about coming to terms with my own wonderful imperfection.  So, when I saw that Meredith had a guest post series encouraging mothers… Continue reading How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Being the Best Me I Can Be, One Rebbetzin Kanievsky Moment At A Time

I recently read the biography of Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, who was a truly amazing and inspiring woman.  I don’t usually connect to biographies of great Rabbis and Rebbetzins, because, for whatever reason, they tend to be written in an overly simplistic manner.  Along these lines: So-and-so was born to this amazing family with these amazing… Continue reading Being the Best Me I Can Be, One Rebbetzin Kanievsky Moment At A Time


We Need To Change Our Conversation: Stop the Violence In Our Language

I keep reading about all the conversations we need to be having.  About guns.  About mental health.  About the privacy of our kids’ identities.  And yes yes yes to all that, but before we can actually have hard conversations, we need to take a hard look at how we converse. What are we are saying?… Continue reading We Need To Change Our Conversation: Stop the Violence In Our Language


You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?

After Shabbos, I had the opportunity to speak with my “Aunt” Ruth (she’s really my mom’s aunt, which makes her, what, my great-aunt?  I don’t know.  We just call her Aunt Ruth).  It was just a quick on-and-off conversation, you know, some how-are-you-doings and how’s-the-weathers.  In between the requisite niceties, she mentioned that my mom… Continue reading You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?