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A Little Chanukah Miracle

A Freilichen Chanukah to everyone who’s celebrating! It’s been a delightful whirlwind over here. Today is the last day of Chanukah vacation, so we’re soaking it up. I’m still in my pajamas as I type this. It’s glorious! Today over on Hevria, I wrote about my constantly evolving Chanukah experience, and how my expectations for… Continue reading A Little Chanukah Miracle

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Budgeting Priorities – Sheitel or School?

‘Tis the season for sheitel sales.  I’m talking about the pre-Chanukah sale season, which is in full swing here.  There were at least two in Baltimore yesterday, maybe more.  As you may recall from my post on sheitels – they can be pricey.  OOOEEE!  Thankfully, it is not written in stone that one must pay… Continue reading Budgeting Priorities – Sheitel or School?

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Songs of Chanukah

I’m happy to be participating in #HanukkahHoopla, organized by the wonderful Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson.  Go and check out her blog, Lessons by Teachers and Twits  where she not only has a great explanation of what #HanukkahHoopla is all about, but she has her own contributing post today!   We love music in our home.  Little… Continue reading Songs of Chanukah