Two Things On Thanksgiving

Hello! Gobble Gobble! I hope you are all having a good day, for whatever it means to you. I have a full house right now and have another guest coming later today and am very much looking forward to the delicious smell of Thanksgiving food filling my house as I embark on our annual Thanksgiving-food-for-Shabbos… Continue reading Two Things On Thanksgiving

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

When it’s Time to Give Back

We were on vacation for the last ten or so days, visiting my parents, doing what I consider to be an American tradition:  The cross-country road trip.  It was very refreshing.  So much so that even though my re-emergence into normal life included a Motzei Shabbos clean-up involving one area rug, a blanket, a pillowcase,… Continue reading When it’s Time to Give Back

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

You may or may not be aware that wildfires have been ravaging Texas.  Over 700 homes have been destroyed since last Sunday, and there have been 2 causalities to date.   It is the worst fire season in state history, and though the firefighters are doing a valiant job, the fires are still burning, and weather… Continue reading Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

Women Who Inspire Us

Women Who Inspire Us #1: Maxine Clark

This is the first post in the Women Who Inspire Us series.  If you would like to participate, please contact me!  You may also want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or “like” my Facebook page.  Enjoy!  There’s been a great response to this series so far, and I’m really looking forward to reading about… Continue reading Women Who Inspire Us #1: Maxine Clark