Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Chanukah Mashup Video

Happy Chanukah! My five-year-old is running around saying “A Freilichen Chanukah!” to everyone. It’s adorable, since he can *almost* say it, but not completely. It’s been a long, long, loooooong time since I’ve made a video (this was the last one, two years ago!). I’ve been really wanting to make another one, but there’s always… Continue reading Chanukah Mashup Video


New Song and Video – Bereishit

The reality of my life is that I have a finite amount of time to do creative stuff. And given my currently mercurial relationship with blogging, I’ve been giving more priority to music. That’s a little sad for the writing side of me (and, I suppose, for the reading side of you, haha), but the… Continue reading New Song and Video – Bereishit


Getting to Know You – the Liebster Award

Something I particularly enjoy about blogging is getting to meet new people, and all the sharing and connecting that goes on.  But I’ve noticed that the more people I meet and who follow my blog (Thank you for following!), the more I tend to shy away from sharing the more personal type of posts.  Of… Continue reading Getting to Know You – the Liebster Award


Does your Daddy know you’re here?

Here’s a musical memory from nearly a decade ago (oh wow).  Enjoy!  Immediately after I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Music Performance, I found myself in a musically shiftless situation.  I no longer had the benefit of ensembles to play with, and I also didn’t have the advantage of knowing people in town to jam… Continue reading Does your Daddy know you’re here?


You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?

After Shabbos, I had the opportunity to speak with my “Aunt” Ruth (she’s really my mom’s aunt, which makes her, what, my great-aunt?  I don’t know.  We just call her Aunt Ruth).  It was just a quick on-and-off conversation, you know, some how-are-you-doings and how’s-the-weathers.  In between the requisite niceties, she mentioned that my mom… Continue reading You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?