From Nothing To All The Things: BuJo Update

Remember this post when I revealed to you just how off the BuJo wagon I had fallen? All those large swaths of empty unused pages. All that missed opportunity to be even more organized! Well, my friends, has the pendulum swung in the completely opposite direction (I feel like that could be a memoir for… Continue reading From Nothing To All The Things: BuJo Update


Six tips on how to keep your toys organized when you don’t have a playroom

So even though we moved from an apartment to a house, we don’t have a designated play area.  This means that our living room is also our play room, which means it’s normal for it to look like this: That’s actually the manageable version.  Having toys on every conceivable surface (the couch was unusually accessible… Continue reading Six tips on how to keep your toys organized when you don’t have a playroom


Clear Surfaces, Clear Mind. Part Two: Decluttering the Piano

It’s been over a month since I started this series, and, as if it senses its imminent demise, the clutter has accumulated with ferocity.  Okay, I know this has more to do with the insanely busy schedule I’ve had this past month (the concert was lovely, I will bli neder post about it sometime in… Continue reading Clear Surfaces, Clear Mind. Part Two: Decluttering the Piano


Giveaway: Let My RV Go! A Frum Pesach Novel.

Well, Pesach is just two weeks away!  Some of us are up to our ears in preparations, and others of us are still in denial waiting a bit longer to begin.  My friend Ruchi has an excellent post on doing Pesach cleaning in one day and maintaining one’s sanity.  Chaya Kurtz has a guest post on… Continue reading Giveaway: Let My RV Go! A Frum Pesach Novel.

guest post · Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Let the Pesach Prep Begin!

Well, it’s definitely that time of year.  Pesach prep has begun (for some of us, at least).  In the weeks leading up to this holiday of freedom, I want to share some tips, tricks, and wisdom from around the web. It’s understood that everyone has their own preferred method of cleaning, planning, and procrastinating.  Obviously… Continue reading Let the Pesach Prep Begin!


Parenting is really gross

Warning:  this post contains a high level of gross!  Proceed at your own risk. I am not easily grossed out. I like it when my husband gives me gory details of some procedure he did at work. I flip through the pages of his medical journals and don’t wince at the pictures of who-knows-what.  I’m… Continue reading Parenting is really gross


There’s (almost) always room for improvement

In case you don’t know how I feel about rearranging, I loooove it.  The urge struck again last night.  We have very limited space in our main room for furniture, “office” stuff, music stuff and all of the boys’ paraphernalia.  For Little Man, I attempt to keep his toys/books to a little bookshelf next to… Continue reading There’s (almost) always room for improvement


The dishes can wait

I had a major headache today.  You know, the kind that you can feel coming on a few days in advance.  Yeah, one of those. Unfortunately, I was a little too busy to take it easy.  Also, my husband was out-of-town Sunday night, which always messes up my schedule.  As in, I stay up way… Continue reading The dishes can wait

Home stuff

Top o’ the fridge to you

I’ve only been married for about two-and-a-half years, so I’m still getting the hang of this whole “domestic maven” thing.  I mean, who knew that an apartment inhabited only by a wife, husband and toddler could get so dirty?  Where does this dirt come from?  I don’t remember inviting it in. One thing which I’m… Continue reading Top o’ the fridge to you


Well, good morning to you, too!

It was bound to happen eventually.  I did it to my mother, after all.  It’s practically a family tradition now. Let me back up. I was in that place between sleep and consciousness, where I knew I needed to get up, but I was still relishing those last few minutes of shut-eye.  Little Man was… Continue reading Well, good morning to you, too!