Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

New (Jewish) Year, New You

Here we are, on the other side of all those holidays. Whew! Anyone else feeling their head spinning? Just me? I don’t think it’s just me. It was, as usual, a rollicking, hectic, wonderful, uplifting, stressful, overwhelming, inspiring month. There were high highs and low lows and now we are back to our scheduled programming… Continue reading New (Jewish) Year, New You


Pilot Trip Vignettes

Some of you may know that my husband accepted a position at a hospital in Baltimore.  This means that come late June/early July (the “new year” of the medical profession), we will be moving to Charm City.  It’s bittersweet, since we’ve been very happy in Cleveland (well, except for the snow.  That I can live… Continue reading Pilot Trip Vignettes


I am a rock-star mommy (and you can be one, too)

As my Cleveland readers know, I’m in a band.  We have drums, guitar (acoustic and electric), keyboard, clarinet/sax/flute and three-part harmony (sometimes).  We do some covers and some original works.  We rock, if I do say so myself.  We even have a Facebook page. We have a large-scale concert coming up (think 300-400 people), and… Continue reading I am a rock-star mommy (and you can be one, too)

Home stuff

The dream and the reality: our second car

We lasted over two years with one car.  If I needed to go anywhere, I would bundle up the baby and hoof it.  I went to the library, the grocery store, the butcher, the bookstore, the health food shop, basically, everywhere.  This arrangement worked out fairly well, except for a few notable occasions: Doctor’s appointments.… Continue reading The dream and the reality: our second car


Thwarted, or, I need a GPS

Last Monday I thought it would be fun to take Little Man to the beach.  There are supposedly some nice beaches along the shore of Lake Erie, and I did buy him a nice, reusable swim diaper, and the weather was appropriately warm for such an activity, and it might not be good weather for… Continue reading Thwarted, or, I need a GPS

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Ike, northern style

It was really windy all day. Humid and windy. I was at work until 4 p.m., and I periodically glanced out the window to watch the trees bend and sway in a macabre display of elasticity. It’s fascinating how wood can be both firm and flexible, depending on the conditions. After work, I came home… Continue reading Ike, northern style

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In Cleveland, still in boxes

So, we finally moved to Cleveland. My parents were a great, great help. They rented a car from St. Lou and drove down to Memphis, then my father and husband switched off driving the enormous Penske truck for the day-and-a-half trip. We towed our car from the back of the truck (an interesting experience in… Continue reading In Cleveland, still in boxes

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Pre-Pesach Prepping

Well, it hasn’t been as long of a lapse since I last wrote as I thought there was, which is somewhat of a relief. Nothing too much has changed; I’m still working, we’re still moving, I’m getting ready for Pesach (not much time left!). We take a pilot trip to Cleveland May 2, IY”H, and… Continue reading Pre-Pesach Prepping

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Cleveland Rocks!!!

That’s right – my husband was accepted, thank G-d, to his #1 choice of schools – Case Western in Cleveland. His residency will be Shomer Shabbos and to make things even better, his brother just accepted a position at Rainbow Babies hospital in Cleveland, and they are moving in late May!! We are planning to… Continue reading Cleveland Rocks!!!