Keeping the Peace in My Marriage

No matter how fantastic a spouse may be, living with another human being is bound to bring the occasional conflict.  Most of us are probably familiar with the toothpaste tube scenario – one spouse squeezes from the middle, the other from the bottom, and angst ensues.  On the surface, this is a banal and even… Continue reading Keeping the Peace in My Marriage

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Thinking before speaking

Because of our concert on Sunday (it was GREAT!!!!  Maybe even worth six exclamation points!!!!!!), my whole week feels off by one day.  I almost didn’t realize that it was Tuesday!  Thankfully, I did, and here is the latest TT post: I talk a lot when I’m nervous.  It’s almost involuntary.  While I am able… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Thinking before speaking

Perspectives of Marriage

Communication in the Real World of Married Life

Amy Newman Smith is married with three beautiful children and a wonderful husband. A full-time mom, part-time writer, editor, teacher and minivan road warrior, Amy thinks the Disney Princesses should embrace the values of self-reliance, internality and finding treasures on the tree lawn. About this time two years ago, I noticed my husband didn’t always… Continue reading Communication in the Real World of Married Life


What’s your take: Who’s your go-to person for your parenting questions

So I added this poll back in November, and it just kind of quietly hung out on the sidebar, waiting to be noticed.  Here are the results of that noticing: Running things past mom (or dad, maybe) is a clear winner in this case.  I think it’s kind of nice that there is still the… Continue reading What’s your take: Who’s your go-to person for your parenting questions


Translating from toddler

Language is an interesting thing.  One of the times when my parents were visiting, Little Man had just started to experiment with different consonants.  At one point he said something which sounded like “guck.”  My mom, glowing with the pride of her first grandchild’s certain genius, turned to me and gushed, “He said ‘dog!’ “… Continue reading Translating from toddler


Communcating, or not.

It’s funny how sometimes I think I’m being entirely clear, and then I realize that what I said could be interpreted completely differently from how it is in my head. For instance, as we were pulling out of our driveway for our recent road trip, I realized that I needed to eat a little more… Continue reading Communcating, or not.