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Why I Changed My Mind About Using Social Media to Support Israel

When I was in college, I thought Israel was this crazy aggressive country. Like, ridiculously, over-the-top, oppressive and out of line aggressive. This was because whenever I heard about it in the news, it was always taking some harsh action against the Palestinians. I had no personal allegiance to Israel, and took the news at… Continue reading Why I Changed My Mind About Using Social Media to Support Israel


My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

One thing I’ve enjoyed about living on the east coast is proximity to so many interesting places. Growing up in the midwest meant a drive of at least three hours to get to another metropolitan area, and sometimes that metropolitan area was still on the small side (I’m thinking of you, Des Moines). We’re in… Continue reading My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

Marriage · Perspectives of Marriage

The Perfect Marriage

One thing I’ve learned by blogging about marriage stuff is that everyone’s marriage is different.  I mainly found this out through this post where I suggested what I thought were universal tips that would help with marriage.  Boy, was I wrong!    One reason why different marriage advice works for different people is that we… Continue reading The Perfect Marriage