Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Anyways?

Last week I intended to write something exclusively for my poor, neglected little blog here, and I put out a call for topic ideas. On Twitter, Tzvi Kilov responded with the following prompt: So I never got around to posting the piece here (obviously), but this prompt did get my thinking gears cranking away. While… Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Anyways?

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why Orthodoxy?

After deciding to actively get involved with Judaism, the most logical starting place seemed to be at a synagogue.  My scant knowledge of these houses of worship was derived mainly from my childhood piano recitals, held in the synagogue my teacher attended. I faced an unexpected array of choices, having only recently learned that there are three main… Continue reading Why Orthodoxy?

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why I’m Not a Fan of Memoirs About Leaving Religious Life

First things first, the winner of the giveaway for a copy of Tamar Ansh’s new Passover cookbook for children is Keshet Star, who has great recipe for toffee bars her friend’s mom handed down to her.  Congrats!  I’ve sent you an email, so please respond within 24 hours so I can send you a copy.  … Continue reading Why I’m Not a Fan of Memoirs About Leaving Religious Life


Why I Don’t Like “How Are You?”

It seems like such a harmless question; people toss it around like it’s nothing.  Hi, how are you?  It’s basically just an extension of the greeting.  I say it myself all the time.  Hihowareyou?  The expected response is something like “fine,” or “good, thank you.”  When someone steps outside those parameters, there’s usually an awkward… Continue reading Why I Don’t Like “How Are You?”


Culture Clash

(It occurred to me that it is Tuesday, but that this is not a Torah Tuesdays post.  I plead sleep-deprivation and mommy-brain.  Hope you enjoy the following post, regardless of its out-of-order appearance). ——————————– A Russian son calls his mother three times a week and she asks him why he’s not calling more.  An American… Continue reading Culture Clash