What Should My Kids Bring For School Snack?

Growing up, my mother was very conscientious about what she fed me. Snacks in my house were fruit leather, delicious whole-wheat muffins with applesauce and cheerios, and we had water with every meal. My house was the house no one wanted to do school projects at because we didn’t have “good” snacks. While I, unsurprisingly,… Continue reading What Should My Kids Bring For School Snack?

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: the Environmental Factor

Nope, not talking greenhouse gas emissions here.  This is more along the lines of the cultural environment we find ourselves living in. This post was inspired by Rebbetzin Heller’s (usually) weekly email to Neve alumni. This week’s letter was entitled “Upward from Depravity,”  referencing to this week’s parsha, where the Jews are living in Egyptian… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: the Environmental Factor