Coronavirus Break Creativity

Hello all my fellow socially distanced or not-yet socially distanced friends. We are entering week two of this new normal, and the learning experiences keep on coming. One of my wise friends shared with me that’s she’s been viewing this whole thing as a mussar test from the get-go. I love that. This does feel… Continue reading Coronavirus Break Creativity


Owning a Home, Murphy’s Law, and Sewage

Buy a house, they said.  Do it while the interest rates are low, they said.  Don’t wait, they said. Well, we did it.  Not because of those reasons, but more because we found a house we liked.  After the initial phase of being extremely overwhelmed, we entered what I like to call the why-would-anyone-buy-a-house-it’s-so-much-work-and-money phase.… Continue reading Owning a Home, Murphy’s Law, and Sewage