Perspectives of Marriage

The Clueless Caregiver

Nikki Flores (aka CluelessMe) first hit the blogging scene with the Clueless Newlywed blog, which was a fun light-hearted blog, cataloging the unique and clueless adventures surrounding herself and her new husband. Just because the honeymoon is over doesn’t mean the cluelessness had come to a close. Follow the story at and watch as… Continue reading The Clueless Caregiver


Oh, so you married a DOCTOR?!!

It started when we got engaged.  People would ask, “So, what does your chosson do?”  I would reply, “He’s in medical school.”  Eyebrows would raise; heads would nod approvingly.  “Ah, a doctor,”  they would say. Call me naive, but I was in the dark as to what exactly was the big deal.  One of my… Continue reading Oh, so you married a DOCTOR?!!

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Cleveland Rocks!!!

That’s right – my husband was accepted, thank G-d, to his #1 choice of schools – Case Western in Cleveland. His residency will be Shomer Shabbos and to make things even better, his brother just accepted a position at Rainbow Babies hospital in Cleveland, and they are moving in late May!! We are planning to… Continue reading Cleveland Rocks!!!