Can Summer Reading Be Fun?

At the beginning of the summer I was contacted by a lovely woman named Holly from asking me if I was interested in checking out some fun learning activities to share here on the blog. I love the idea of learning activities, of being That Mom Who Does Projects With Her Kids even though… Continue reading Can Summer Reading Be Fun?

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My Kids Love These New Books From Artscroll

It seems that for most of my life I’ve had my head in a book.  So it pleases me endlessly that my kids love to read.  My daughter, who’s two now, has recently come into her book-loving stage.  She will bring me a book, usually when I’ve finally found a minute to sit and have a… Continue reading My Kids Love These New Books From Artscroll

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When it’s Time to Give Back

We were on vacation for the last ten or so days, visiting my parents, doing what I consider to be an American tradition:  The cross-country road trip.  It was very refreshing.  So much so that even though my re-emergence into normal life included a Motzei Shabbos clean-up involving one area rug, a blanket, a pillowcase,… Continue reading When it’s Time to Give Back

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The Value of Education

“The need to assure that every child has the opportunity afforded by good teachers is urgent. As urgent as the need to be well nourished and for exactly the same reason. A child’s growth depends on it.” -Lowell Milken “We can only make a difference in this world, as our ancestors have made a difference… Continue reading The Value of Education