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Quick Thoughts For Elul 5779

It is that time of year again, time for the crunch of needing to prepare spiritually while having so much to do physically. It’s a common dilemma, especially for those of us who are in charge of cooking, baking, shopping and all the details of running a household. I’ve written about it for Jew In… Continue reading Quick Thoughts For Elul 5779

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Looking To The Past Before Moving Ahead To The Future

Yesterday, during the fast, I decided to peer into the archives here and see if there was any content I could post on this blog’s Facebook page. I did find this great post from four years ago that was anyways getting a ton of search traffic. I felt such a rush of emotions going through… Continue reading Looking To The Past Before Moving Ahead To The Future

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

New Video Series for Elul

Well, it’s here!  Duhn duhn DUHN!  Chodesh Tov everyone, and welcome to Elul (well, technically it’s the last day of Av, but it’s still Rosh Chodesh).  This is a month of potential, of great possibility for growth, and a month where for many years, I’ve watched in dismay as the hustle and bustle of daily… Continue reading New Video Series for Elul

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Pushing the Boundaries

The summer really is drawing to a close.  My Facebook feed is full of pictures of the first day of school, talk of purchasing supplies and the arrival of uniforms.  We successfully made it through Camp Mommy, took multiple road trips, added both a sandbox *and* a trampoline to our yard, and even found a… Continue reading Pushing the Boundaries


Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home

So, it’s Elul.  It’s that time of year for introspection, and thoughts of self-improvement, and taking a good, hard look at what’s been working for us and what hasn’t been.  Rosh Chodesh came and went, and amid the hubbub of moving and having all my kids home with me all day, I was feeling kind… Continue reading Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Giving and Getting Forgiveness

It’s traditional, after reflecting upon our actions this part year, to ask forgiveness of those we’ve hurt.  Honestly, this is not my favorite thing to do.  I find it awkward and embarrassing.  I’m not talking about the “please mochel me” you’ll say to your husband or your best friend.  We know they forgive us for… Continue reading Giving and Getting Forgiveness

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What I will (and will not) be eating on Rosh Hashanah – a Menu Plan

Yes, I’m going there.  Rosh Hashanah is only three-and-a-half weeks away, as a good friend of mine pointed out to me today.  It’s time to think about what to make, what I can make ahead, what meat I’m going to order from Grow and Behold, who I’m going to invite, & who I’m going to… Continue reading What I will (and will not) be eating on Rosh Hashanah – a Menu Plan

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: A Month of Introspection

I love it when Torah Tuesdays coincides with Rosh Chodesh!  What a treat! Today is Rosh Chodesh Elul.  Elul is the last month of the Jewish year.  It is the month preceding the high holidays (Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur).  It is a month of spiritual accounting and preparation for the upcoming holidays. You may… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: A Month of Introspection