Who Has Energy?

Not me! You might think I have energy because I keep posting events that I’m involved with or articles I’ve written, but I’m telling you that it is a facade! I’m really just napping most of the time. The frigid winter temperatures preclude any outdoor walking, my stalwart dedication to avoiding my elliptical and exercise… Continue reading Who Has Energy?

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why We Don’t Do What We Know Is Good For Us

Our phone rang immediately after last Shabbos, and when I went to screen the call see who it was, I saw my mother’s cell phone number on the caller i.d.  But when I answered, it was my father on the line, which was unusual (I usually call him, and on their land line).  He told… Continue reading Why We Don’t Do What We Know Is Good For Us


Why I don’t belong to a gym

I would like to join a gym.  I would.  I’m sure I could find an inexpensive membership.  And perhaps I could find someone to watch my kids (unless I found a gym with childcare).  Then there’s the whole question of would I really go, anyways… Then I thought about an average day in my life… Continue reading Why I don’t belong to a gym