How I Kicked A Bad Social Media Habit

I have spent more of my life than I would like to admit sitting in front of a screen. Just look at this picture my daughter drew last year in her “all about Mommy” assignment: I mean, she could have drawn me playing music, baking, cooking, I mean, even “do laundry” would’ve been better in… Continue reading How I Kicked A Bad Social Media Habit

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Do I Really Want Facebook to Just Be Pictures of Babies and Food?

Last week I saw a Facebook post which got me all emotional in a defensive way, and, after some (not enough) reflection, I commented, even though I was aware that my opinion might not be well-received. I rationalized my decision to comment by telling myself that if we only comment on posts that we agree… Continue reading Do I Really Want Facebook to Just Be Pictures of Babies and Food?


The Internet is Probably Ruining Your Life

Maybe you’ve experienced this:  “I’m just going to check my email.”  “I’m just going to pop online for a few minutes.”  “This will just take a sec.”  And then BAM!  Forty-five minutes or two hours later, the dishes are still not done, the toys are still strewn around the house, the menu is still unplanned.… Continue reading The Internet is Probably Ruining Your Life

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Escaping Hurricane Sandy

We had a trip to Memphis (home of a certain Bubby) planned for over a month.  Tickets had been purchased.  Lists had been made.  Supplies had been obtained.  The date of said trip?  Monday the 29th, the day Hurricane Sandy came ashore to the east coast.  We live on the east coast. Flashback to the… Continue reading Escaping Hurricane Sandy

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Good Deeds for Recovery from Illness

Unfortunately, Ayala Pamela bas Leah (Pamela Nagy Weisfeld) passed away today (August 20th).  We can still do good deeds as a merit for her soul.  May her family be comforted, and may we only share in simchas. Some upsetting news came down through the Facebook grapevine yesterday: Pamela was at Neve at the same time… Continue reading Good Deeds for Recovery from Illness


Getting stuff done with a newborn

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Maybe you came to find out how on earth you can get anything done with a newborn at home, but you are certainly welcome to stay and read a little more about the truth about feeding small children, maybe get a little inspired by a shift in perspective, or just laugh about the time I had… Continue reading Getting stuff done with a newborn


The Truth About Motherhood

Just the other day I had one of those blissed-out mommy moments.  The kind where I was enjoying motherhood so much it was euphoric.  My baby was happily babbling, telling me all about the train he was playing with, helping me open the blinds, cheerfully toddling about the apartment, wide grin on his adorable face.… Continue reading The Truth About Motherhood

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When Disconnecting means Reconnecting

You may remember my mini-series on using social media in a positive way.  I had read a post by Ima 2 Seven where she discussed a thought-provoking article about a social media mommy making the decision to cut the internet out of her home.  The whole online discussion prompted me to think about my relationship… Continue reading When Disconnecting means Reconnecting