Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Life is Short; Make the Most of It

“…one who runs from honor will have it pursue him.” – Talmud (Eruvin 13b) This phrase came up a number of times last week as we clung to family following the tragic passing of my sister-in-law, Ahuva*, a”h.  She was a tremendous woman, someone who loved Torah and mitzvos and strived to observe them in… Continue reading Life is Short; Make the Most of It


Cute Dinner Trays for Kids – Giveaway!

This year, I learned a more refined way to describe the phenomenon of picky preschoolers from my son’s nursery school teacher.  Instead of calling them “picky eaters,” she says they have “discriminating palates.”  Isn’t that nice? After I shared some of the struggles of dinner time at our house, many mothers shared with me that… Continue reading Cute Dinner Trays for Kids – Giveaway!


When There’s No Family In Town

A good year!  I hope everyone who was observing Yom Kippur experienced a good day of fasting and prayer, in whatever form it took (i.e. at home with the kids, in a new shul, more/less kavannah than last year).  May this upcoming year be a year of connection, of happiness, of growth, love and redemption.… Continue reading When There’s No Family In Town


A Letter to a Mother of Three Small Children

Help me!   That was the subject of an email I recently received from a dear friend.  She had just had her third child (mazel tov!), and was now juggling the responsibilities of life with three small children.  I think her oldest may be three?  Something along those lines. Her email continued: Okay, Rivki…you’ve been… Continue reading A Letter to a Mother of Three Small Children


Father’s Day Thoughts About Tatty

We don’t really do much for Father’s Day in our house.  My husband didn’t grow up with it (partially a cultural thing), and he’s usually working every Sunday anyways, and I’m lousy about remembering to get a card.  However, since the internet is lit up with homages to all things father today, I’ve reflected on… Continue reading Father’s Day Thoughts About Tatty

Menu Plan

Our Thanksgiving Shabbos Tradition

We didn’t live near any relatives when I was growing up, and since my mother doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking (I think her motto is something like “cook to survive”), Thanksgiving wasn’t ever a big to-do for us.  However, when my family moved to St. Louis twelve years ago, we found ourselves close to family, and… Continue reading Our Thanksgiving Shabbos Tradition

Women Who Inspire Us

Women Who Inspire Us #7: My aunt

Today’s post is the seventh in the Women Who Inspire Us Series.  You can read the previous posts here.  You may also want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or “like” my Facebook page to catch the upcoming posts.  As always, if you would like to share your inspiration by participating in the series, please… Continue reading Women Who Inspire Us #7: My aunt


Why gating the kitchen is great idea, or, the day I took my stove apart

It’s been really hot lately.  So hot that my usual getting-out-of-the-house activities are not an option. Going for a walk? No thank you. Playing in the park? Not unless I want heat stroke. Other (free) indoor activities, such as going to the grocery store or library, haven’t panned out so well, as I haven’t always… Continue reading Why gating the kitchen is great idea, or, the day I took my stove apart


Getting some Mommy Me-time

I never used to be a homebody.  The minute I walked through the door I was itching to get out!  A coffee shop, a concert, a jam session, whatever.  I loved to be around people, action, excitement.  You could say I thrived on it. Now, by the end of the day, I’m hearing the call… Continue reading Getting some Mommy Me-time